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Wooden Partition

Wooden Partition

The wooden partition wall is very easy to customize and it is not fire-resistant. This partition wall is relatively very lightweight and it is not anti-insect. The wooden wall is usually used in residential areas like in-home or HDB houses etc.

This type of wooden wall can be the wall divider to give you the best experience.

Nowadays office and gym or shop commercials are also showing enthusiasm in building a wooden partition wall for their commercial premises. Like in-office wooden partition wall is needed to build wooden cubicles for employees to work.


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Type Of Wooden Partition






Residential Room Divider

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Benefit Of Wooden Partition Wall

  • The Wooden Wall is eco-friendly
  • It is Appealing
  • It is very lightweight
  • We use a Sound insulator
  • Some of the boards we use that have Fire protection
  • It can be constructed quickly and easily
  • It is very cheaper than the Plaster Walls.
  • It can be the best option for a rented apartment.
  • It can be very easily repaired and need no skilled labor to fix in a house
  • This Partition wall is very easy to paint and repaint

Repairing of wooden partition:

the repairing of the wooden partition wall is very easy and comfortable. As this wall is temporary but can last a long time if done by us then there will be no need for repair. But if you require a quick repair then you can directly take our instant quotation for better results.

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