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Room Divider

Room Divider

According to the report of Signhealth Singapore, 44% of Singaporeans have a lack of sleep problems at the weekend and weekdays also. But it is also true that 8 to 10 hours we spend in our home only. If you spend more time in the office or your shop also then you definitely require the best room interior service. It is very likely to know that most people want to have the best designs to spend some time Irrespective of the place. We at Partition Wall Singapore provide the room dividing service at a friendly budget. 

Wooden Partition

The wooden partition wall is very easy to customize and it is not fire-resistant. This partition wall is relatively very lightweight and it is not anti-insect. The wooden wall is usually used in residential areas like in-home or HDB houses etc. This type of wooden wall can be the wall divider to give you the best experience. Nowadays office and gym or shop commercials are also showing enthusiasm in building a wooden partition wall for their commercial premises. Like in-office wooden partition wall is needed to build wooden cubicles for employees to work.
Room Divider

Glass Partition

A glass partition wall can be built by glass sheets or hollow glass block. This glass partition wall usually gets used in commercial areas like an office or retail shop. But currently, this glass partition wall is getting attached to the residential area also.

A glass partition wall is a type of wall divider that is constructed from panels of glass. Most offices and even homeowners are opting for glass partition walls as they open up spaces. Creating a brighter and more spacious feel by implementing a glass partition wall on the premises. 

Plaster Ceiling

The plaster ceiling is usually used in residential areas like home HDB flat etc. we use Gypsum boards for plaster ceiling commonly. But we give the priority to our customers and try to listen and understand our customer’s ordinance. The plaster ceiling is used for many reasons. 

False Ceiling

A false Ceiling is basically an additional ceiling that goes below your actual ceiling and it has huge benefits that a normal ceiling does not have. It is basically renowned as the drop-down ceiling. Most of the residential and commercial areas are going ahead with this type of ceiling for extra lighting and modification of interior design. Most homes and office buildings need good lighting, style, and interior for which false ceilings will be the best to make it count. False ceilings can be done with concealing electric wires. For making it more elegant we use multiple LED lights or fancy light fixtures. 

Partition Wall

Partition walls are very useful whether in residential or commercial areas. Partition Walls can be fully constructed to create beautiful rooms. And it can also be constructed to section off a space to define the boundary. Partition walls installation is very easy and it very flexible to customize also. partition walls are basically used to have privacy and reduce noise. It takes very little money to build a partition wall when compared to the permanent wall building cost. It is the best permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

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