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Plaster ceiling

Plaster ceiling

The plaster ceiling is usually used in residential areas like home HDB flat etc. we use Gypsum boards for plaster ceiling commonly. But we give the priority to our customers and try to listen and understand our customer’s ordinance. The plaster ceiling is used for many reasons. As there are many benefits of plaster ceiling which we will discuss below:


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Type Of Plaster Ceiling


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Type Of Plaster Ceiling

There are four types of plaster ceiling we provide

Gypsum Plaster ceiling

The gypsum plaster ceiling is a sound insulator that is lightweight, fire-resistant, flexible, and soft. Gypsum board ceilings are prepared from hydrated sulfate of calcium.

The gypsum boards can make the ceiling square-shaped and hanged with the help of an iron framework. By adding laminates, paints, wallpapers, texture paints the finishing work will be given. It affects a good visual and is flowered through additional lighting.


    • The gypsum boards are very flexible use, which enables designers to easily shape it.
    • The gypsum boards are widely employed to build pelmets, curved, and drop.
    • For making the boards excellent insulator it is reinforced with glass fibers.
    • It assists combat fire by providing water when there is fire.
    • These boards are steady and concerts steam into water.


    • The boards are not very suitable for damp area
    • This boards can not be molded
    • The recycling process for this material is disabled. 

Plaster of Paris Ceiling

Plaster of Paris or POP is a popular material in the false ceiling industry to make a very cool plaster ceiling. POP is prepared by heating gypsum to a certain degree. The POP ceilings are very creative and offer the designers to create a variety of designs out of it. It needs almost no maintenance. This type of ceiling is an excellent insulator of cold and heat.


    • It is moldable and Provides a smooth finish
    • The surface of the ceiling can be painted for added texture as per the client’s requirement.
    • It is very easy to build.


    • The very disadvantage of this ceiling is it can get cracked easily.
    • The working site can become messy and dirty for accomplishing this ceiling.

Plaster Ceiling Repair

There are many reasons that a plaster ceiling might need repair. This could be due to water damage, mold or even just an old roof design that is no longer used and needs to be updated. Newer roofs tend to have flat ceilings, which can cause problems with water drainage in the event of heavy rain/snow storms. Repairing your plaster ceiling often involves taking down the old material and replacing it with a new one such as drywall or sheet rock. 

Types of Plaster Wall Repair

While there are many reasons behind the need for a plaster wall repair, the type of repair work to be done will highly depend on the kind and severity of the damage. Take a look at the most common plaster wall repair symptoms in Singapore:

  • Cracks and surface issues

HDF flat owners in Singapore should contact a reliable plaster wall repair contractor as soon as you see even the tiniest of cracks on your drywall. A professional can take care of these problems and make sure that they don’t reappear again – which could save homeowners from spending money to fix them later down the line.

  • Cavities and holes

Hanging pictures on a plaster wall is tricky. The problem with this type of surface are the holes that inevitably form in it from hanging frames or paintings–the unappealing cavities will not only ruin your plaster wall but they’ll also adversely affect the overall aesthetics of your interior. One solution may be to bring an expert who has been repairing cracks in plaster walls for years, because these experts know how to patch up those unsightly spots without ruining any part of what you set out originally see as beautiful and clean!

  • Loose plaster

Plaster walls can be tricky to work with for inexperienced contractors. It’s important that you do your research and are sure of the contractor before they get started on any renovation project because it could cost you a lot more in damages than what was originally planned if they’re not experienced enough.

There is plenty of damage plaster wall issues waiting to happen when an irresponsible, inexperienced person starts working around them without doing their homework first-hand beforehand. Check out recent projects or ask about past experience as this will give you peace of mind – and hopefully save some money down the line from avoidable mistakes!


This plaster ceiling’s installation is very simple. After confirming from the customer about the project we take the measurements and after that process. We directly start the work after discussing the plan with the client.

Plaster ceiling benefit

  • Easy installation – The installation process of the player ceiling is very simple as we are having proficient workers.
  • Decorative Lighting – Plaster Ceilings go hand in hand, as we give the best to create a design aesthetic and mood for your home.
  • Conceal Electrical Wiring – Plaster Ceiling is also used for installing the centralized air conditioning in offices while hiding away the water pipes and vents. This makes the interiors look very attractive without any worries of unpleasant sites.


Grid ceiling is primarily used in commercial areas like office and retail shops etc. To create a smooth clear appearance concealed grid use to hide the grid system from the view.


obviously, repairing a plaster wall is not an easy task, especially when there is big damage done on the wall. With this, plaster wall repair works require experts with a great understanding of materials and techniques to solve the problem.

As different residential and commercial properties in Singapore have their own requirements, engaging with an experienced contractor like us to carry out plaster repair will ensure that only quality work is done.

  • Improper installation and Repairing:

A number of HDB flat owners in Singapore would prefer to choose more affordable plaster ceiling installation services to meet their budgets. Be careful when connecting with such contractors, as you don’t want your plaster ceiling to collapse all of a sudden.

  • Cracks Issue And Repairing

Many homeowners and HDB flat owners engage in our drywall repair services to rectify and solve cracks on the surface of walls. Solving the problem very quickly will ensure that the crack will not reappear again.

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