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False ceiling

False ceiling

A false Ceiling is basically an additional ceiling that goes below your actual ceiling and it has huge benefits that a normal ceiling does not have. It is basically renowned as the drop-down ceiling. Most of the residential and commercial areas are going ahead with this type of ceiling for extra lighting and modification of interior design. Most homes and office buildings need good lighting, style, and interior for which false ceilings will be the best to make it count. False ceilings can be done with concealing electric wires. For making it more elegant we use multiple LED lights or fancy light fixtures.

A false ceiling is also can be employed for cooling purposes. False ceilings can save you from energy costs. Thus, it can reduce the regularity of using an air conditioner or fan. It provides noise insulation, which is the most requiring service need in most commercial properties.


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Type Of False Ceiling

false ceiling singapore

Cove ceiling and light


L Box ceiling and lightning

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Residential False ceiling

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Cove ceiling and light

Presently it is observed that most of the Cove lights are used to garnish false ceilings in residential properties. With its wide range of designs, building a cove light ceiling in your Singapore flat will definitely add an extraordinary touch to your house interiors.

When it comes to choosing embellishing lights and fixtures. Many great designs are available So that it may get dazzling. While working with a contractor like us will definitely make you to choosing the perfect cove lighting for your HDB flats.

With Partition Wall Singapore, you can be assured of quality service of cove ceiling and lighting installations at reasonable rates.

Commercial areas like offices and retail shops are given a breath of fresh air with cove ceiling designs. You can construct a modern look by installing cove lighting under a set of railings and stairs also. The options are infinity when it comes to the cove ceiling and lighting. The trick is to find the best experienced and proficient contractor to work with.

L Box ceiling and lightning

While living in a cosmopolitan country like Singapore might have its perks. Residents in Singapore have to face the challenge of continuously increasing electricity costs and monthly utility bills. With this, Singaporeans currently, are shifting to build interior designs in their home or office to improve cost and energy efficiencies. One of the ways is to plan home structures efficiently such as installing an L box ceiling to cut down on electricity bills.

Some features of L box Ceiling-

  • It Conceals house wiring and cables
  • This Ceiling minimize the accumulation of dust
  • It also includes lighting effects and fixtures
  • It is Soundproof, Water and heat resistant.

Residential False ceiling

When choosing a specific design for your residential premises. We always advise leaving considerable time to work on every single element that will influence its overall functionality. It is very likely seen that most Singapore residents start first from the color scheme on the walls.

But many homeowners give the importance to false ceiling specifications. You should pay attention to things like textures, rim work, and the ceiling itself. When Stating a false ceiling project? try to take note of these important tips when choosing a false ceiling for your residential place. 

Commercial False Ceiling

Our team of competent experts is well abreast of their work. They charge of planning, designing, and installation process to make it useful for our clients. Whether it is to install a false ceiling in your commercial place that highlights a embellish hanging light fixture or to install concave downlights into the false ceiling. For amazing and optimal lighting a false ceiling design works perfectly to radiate your commercial premises in the right way. The false ceiling is a useful trick to hide wires, pipelines, vents, ducts, etc. They are depleted for installing the unified air conditioning in offices while suppressing away the water pipes and vents. You can take our efficient service to make a false ceiling in your gym, office, or retail shop, or any other commercial place. 


If you have already spent a considerable amount of money on your false ceiling installation. And now it is damaged by any chance. We understand your feelings about it that it is frustrating to find out that what was once a pleasing part of your interiors now has clearly visible damage.

But for that, you do not have to worry at all. We are here to provide our service as we repair the false ceiling very proficiently. And for getting our repairing service you just have to request a callback. 


A pelmet is a wooden fixture that is constructed above a window or part of a wall. Despite adding an aesthetic appeal to the home. It is tired mostly for its functionality. They are installed for mainly two reasons either to hide curtain rails or to support air conditioner units. While it is now common knowledge that light fixtures are usually installed in false ceilings but it is now easy to add a bit of lighting in the room with window pelmets.
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